About us

Our parent company EURASO S.A. was founded in Costa Rica 18 years ago by Erhard Horst Wenzel who had moved from his homeland in Germany to Costa Rica shortly before starting the company. Wenzel holds an MBA degree from the Free-Technical University in Berlin, Germany and has gained a wealth of business knowledge and experience since moving to Costa Rica.

EURASO S.A. started out in the business of marketing major home accessories where they had established long-term contracts with German and European suppliers. Here, the company became very involved in the areas of marketing, import/export assistance, financial , analysis, and sales training programs.

During the past 8 years, they have become very involved in supplying buiders and independent people buiding their own homes with an increasingly large array of buiding supplies. This brought the company to the present point where Erhard changed his focus in order to better help people therefore forming the new subsiderary - BAU-HOUSE.

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